Not a supermom


I often get asked how I do it. How do I juggle working full time, raising 3 kids, and still have time to blog? My answer is always that I’m not a supermom. I just do what needs to be done. So here are my tips to juggling life with 3 kids. Routine – having …

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Review: Childs Farm


Ethan has always had skin issues. Mostly some form of eczema and we’ve been treating it since he was a few months old. From good old Epimax, to Advantan and some more ointments I can’t even pronounce. In March, I was sent something that claimed to be specially designed for all skin types, and is …

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Mother’s Day without mom


It’s Mother’s Day tomorrow and I’m dreading it just a little bit. I suppose this is what happens when you lose your mom. The worst is seeing all those posts on social media, “Get mom something she’ll love”, “show mom how much you love her by getting her this” or “tell us why your mom …

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I forgot


I forgot. I forgot why I started writing I got caught up in what others were doing and tried to follow them. Instead of sticking to my plan and my way of doing things. No wonder I wasn’t finding joy in blogging anymore. I forgot to document I lost my joy and stopped writing updates …

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